Our forklifts are of the highest quality and are widely considered the benchmark in the industry.

Shamrock Handling Concepts supply only the best in Forklift brands on offer. Our forklifts are of the highest quality and are widely considered the benchmark in the industry. Apart from our great product offering, we also have a nationwide dealer network to ensure you receive the best possible after sales service.

Our forklift brands:

Moffett Truck Mounted Forklifts

For more than forty years, Moffett has been manufacturing truck mounted forklifts, a load handling solution that has helped transform the way materials are distributed across the globe. The company has a reputation for creating solutions to logistics challenges across a diverse range of industries, ensuring that deliveries arrive on time, in perfect condition and at the most economic price.

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Combilift Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow Aisle Forklifts are the ideal solution for high density warehouses. As its name implies, a narrow aisle forklift can reach places most other forklifts cannot. This forklift truck has the ability to turn in very small areas and has a very high reach. If you have a warehouse where space is limited, or you need to increase your warehouse space, consider buying a narrow aisle forklift from Shamrock Handling Concepts.

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Agrimac 4x4 Forklifts

If you need to go offroad, then the Agrimac 4x4 forklift should be your one and only choice. This is without a doubt one of the top off road forklifts on the market and is suitable for all rough terrains including mines, farms, building & construction sites and other off road environments.

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Multisweep Yard Sweepers

Our yard sweepers are also great for hard-to-clean areas where you would usually use lots of water and chemicals. Save valuable time and money by cleaning large areas with our range of yard sweepers.

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Innolift Pallet Jacks

The Innolift is the only lift loader that actually lifts itself into the delivery vehicle along with the product it’s loading.  Innolift eliminates the need for tail lifts and ramps or loading docks and for carrying separate jacks.

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